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Meetmicrofoons en meer...

voorversterkers, microfoonvoedingen, intensiteit-microfoons & kalibratie apparatuur, intensiteitporbes, pistonfoons & akoestische calibrators, KEMAR kunsthoofd, kunstoren & kunstmond, headset positionerens systeem, accessoires...

AcouTronics is de exclusieve importeur van G.R.A.S. Sound & Vibration en Microtech Gefell microfoons. Met name G.R.A.S. heeft een zeer uitgebreide lijn meetmicrofoons en bijbehorende apparatuur en accessoires.

G.R.A.S. Sound & Vibration

G.R.A.S. Sound & Vibration's range of products covers in principle all front-end equipment -designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards- needed for the precise and reliable measurement and recording of acoustic signals; from the transducer to the input of an A/D converter.

These are complemented by a range of more specialised transducers and accessories for more specific applications such as sound-intensity microphones, artificial ears, ear simulators and calibrators.

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Microtech Gefell

Our range of products contains both measuring and studio microphones that we offer our customers with traditional large and small membranes and as a speciality with nickel membranes as well. For the production of microphone capsules both cast and rolled membranes are used. As the company founded by Georg Neumann we are the only one that produces the legendary original M7 capsules worldwide.

Offering microphones of highest quality we do not only apply to the technical data but in addition to the applicability of the microphones for the customers in practice. In order to guarantee this we also offer extensive accessories as well as customer- or application-specific special constructions and give competent technical support by our engineers.

While doing so we take into consideration – besides the microphone – the whole application environment, that is the acoustic, mechanical and other relevant parameters.

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Microtech Gefell