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Duo, klasse 1 geluidsanalysator & monitoring station


DUO Smart Noise Monitor includes a Wi-Fi module for short distance and 3G modem to access the instrument from anywhere in the world.
With DUO, it is now possible, for instance, to analyse precisely and simultaneously noise pollution and disturbing sources in multiple positions.

Based on its all-weather design, DUO is devoted to indoor and outdoor noise monitoring. Its operating battery lifetime allows for more than 60 hours of measurements without external power supply.

Wireless connections (options Wi-Fi and 3G) to DUO allow for remote access to the measurements in progress and selective retrieval of stored data avoiding physical presence of the operator in the field at the measurement point location.

DUO’s “all in one” unique design allows for extremely easy and fast transport and installation. You no longer need multiple cables between the measuring instruments, microphone, batteries and modem.

DUO’s on-board periodical self-check of the entire measurement chain (based on a charge injection principle carried out with 2 different levels at 5 frequencies) guarantees the reliability and the exactitude of the measurement results.


Quotation Weerbestendig
Quotation Interne accuvoeding
Quotation 3G & WiFi communicatie
Quotation MP3 recording
Quotation Interne webserver
Nauwkeurigheid Klasse 1 conform IEC 61672
Meetbereik 20 dBA ÷ 137 dBA RMS
Microfoon(s) 1/2" weerbestendige meetmicrofoon
Communicatie USB 2.0, Ethernet, WiFi en 3G
Opslag Interne 2Gb SD geheugenkaart
Frequentie analyse 1/1-, 1/3-octaaf logging
Voeding Interne Lithium Polymeer accu
Gewicht 1,1kg inclusief accupack