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Vib008 trillingsmeter voor hand-arm en lichaamstrillingen



The Vib008 dosimeter suited to the requirements of industrial and occupational health specialists
When allowed exposure values are exceeded, the employer must work out and implement a programme of technical and organisational measures aiming at minimizing exposure to mechanical vibration and to resulting risks. The need to make objective measurements becomes then an imperative necessity.

The Vib008 vibrometer has been designed so as to comply with Standards ISO 8041, ISO 5349 and ISO 2631, to fulfil the requirements of European Directive 2002/44/EC and to allow the occupational health and safety specialists addressing the occupational vibration issue.

Based on a multiple-point metrological approach, a set of Vib008 instruments is deployed over the work place. All instruments are controlled from a single Tablet PC: the user operates and controls active Vib008 instruments. All the deployed vibration meters can then be configured remotely. Several default configurations are pre-programmed for set-up simplification purposes. The Tablet PC colour screen is the single, remote and user-friendly interface of several Vib008 vibration meters.


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